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Canthus Management Services Pvt Ltd offers Finance and Accounting solutions to enable the smooth functioning of Kingsley’s Management Accounting process.

Preparation of Management Accounts for Kingsley Group plays a vital part of the overall process which include 30 business units and the Kingsley Head Office.


Canthus has been the driving force behind the management of Kingsley’s Revenue Function by producing and analyzing the Revenue Reports to support rapid growth and investment decision making of Kingsley Healthcare.

HR & Payroll

Canthus provides a range of Payroll services to Kingsley Healthcare, which has more than 1,600 employee base.

IT Support & Digital Marketing

Canthus Management Services Pvt Ltd provides a range of IT solutions such as:

  • • CRM System
  • • Helpdesk Management System
  • • Mobile App Development
  • • Web Designing and Development
  • • IOT Product Management
  • • E-marketing
  • • Network and System Administration


Canthus Management Services Pvt Ltd support Kingsley Healthcare in their Administrative Function through E - Document Handling and Workflow Management with the latest available technology.

ACCA Approved Employer

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